All About Paintball!

A site dedicated to all non lethal forms of shooting friends and family!

Welcome to All About Paintball!

Here you can read about different ways to have fun with friends and family!!!
I made this site because i wanted to work on my HTML knowledge and to make a site about paintball however (as you can tell) there is more than just paintball here.
This is because I decided to expand the site to include more things. This site was originally hosted on w3schools but ive since decided to move it to neocities!
This site will probably always stay under constant construction as i continue working on and increasing my HTML knowledge!


Feburary 13th, 2023 = Added the Updates section. removed Gellball section (will show up in Airsoft section). removed Laser Tag since its not finished

June 26th, 2023 = Added Fun Facts to all the pages to stay consistent