History of Nerf

Nerf was originally a foam ball that was marketed as the only ball safe for the indoors in 1970. Nerf soon grew and started to release foam dart guns, Blasters, and ever since then Nerf Blasters are the most popular items of all Nerf items. multiple lines of Blasters have been released such as N-strike, N-Strike Elite, Rival, Ultra, and Alpha Strike.

For a more indepth read and more indepth info check out the wikipedia article!


The basic gear for Nerf is simple.
-A Blaster
-Foam Darts
-Masks/Goggles (optional)


With Nerfs broad and wide array of Blasters, Attachments, and Accessories theres about as many ways to play it as Paintball and Airsoft, so i will go over the most popular ways.
=Team Deathmatch: As the name implies its team against team.
=Free 4 All: Its every man for themselves! its a pretty popular gamemode in general.
=Humans Vs Zombies: commonly shortened to HVZ its a popular mode and even has a line of Blasters dedicated to it!




Fun Facts